Band screen overhaul


I. Dewater works


  1. Remove and install dosing frames - Mobile crane will be arranged by contractor.
  2. Install and remove stop logs - Mobile crane will be arranged by contractor.
  3. Provide manpower to handle the pumps for dewater works.
  4. Remove all rubbish, mud, oysters and other waste in the pit.
  5. Solve problem whole the time of service.
  6. Repair sluice gates guiders and the gate to make sure they open and close smoothly without leakage.
  7. Do all repair and repaint for access ladders.
  8. Inspect all the structure with picture reports.

II. Band screen overhaul
Ilk Band screen overhaul

  1. Check any malfunctions before do the overhaul works, such as: steel frames, covers, head shaft and sprockets.
  2. Check steel frame, repair the main chain guider.
  3. Repair defect parts and remove rusty from steel frame.
  4. Furbish all surfaces of steel frame before painting with premier coat and top coat. Specification of painting is suitable for blackish water - Marine coat — International Paint.
  5. Repaint all surfaces of steel structures by marine epoxy paint (Contractor will provide paint).
  6. Refurbishment of mesh panel frames, elevators, mesh panel.
  7. Repair the jet pipe DN80 and clean all jets.
  8. Change new bearings for the head shaft.
  9. Replace the old chains by the new chains (Spare parts will be given by investor).
  10. Replace head shaft and sprocket for 10PAA12 (Spare parts will be given by investor).
  11. Fix all related parts onto the chain during installation.
  12. Adjust the whole band screen to make them parallel condition.
  13. Repair and repaint the access leaders.
  14. Change lube oil for drive gear boxes — (Castrol SP1000 and Castrol SP220 will be given by investor)
  15. Record all problems happened during the work.
  16. The contractor provides tools and consumables
  17. The contractor provides method statement, risk assessment, man-power certificate and man-power
Band Screen Overhaul 2


Band Screen Overhaul 3


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